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My experience includes many years of training people online in several countries and onsite mainly in Helsinki, Finland. After countless hours as a weights room trainer, a prelude to higher level growth and professional advancement, I finally converted into a personal trainer. I made this choice and decided to dedicate myself to it out of my satisfaction for personalized attention, which I believe is the optimal way for people to advance at improving their physical condition. My specialty is fitness and mental health, a field I have dedicated a good portion of my life out of my passion for strength (or resistance) training and the new trends that have derived from it.

I have been working with an ample range of customers that includes top management officers from the business community, as well as known media executives, actors, musicians, models. In recent years I designed an exercises routine later named GORILLA OPERATION. A one-year routine that will drastically change the body of any customer who aspires to make a 180° turnabout.


Whether you intend to acquire more confidence, improve your lifestyle and daily or weekly habits, gain more muscle mass or just tone up your overall condition before a bodybuilding competition, I’m your passport to your goals!

There is no perfect time to start, stop setting a deadline! Hold yourself accountable right now and in a brief time under my supervision, you will bring yourself to an optimal lifestyle. You will build discipline and feel energized after following my tutoring and programs.

In case you cannot make it to the gym, do not worry! I have also designed programs to be used at home that will guide you on how to sculpt your body behind closed doors.

Tell me about your goals, statistics, preferences, and I will use my expertise, acquired for over 8 years in the industry, to design a customized program that will bring you benefits and results everybody can see, just as my other programs have proved to be so successful to many other people.


I can’t wait for you to experience the incredible results that so many others have achieved in such a short amount of time!

Nzola Da Costa

Spanish model and actor

Karl Christian Septien Stute

Entrepreneur , Allcom CEO and Pittsburgh Steelers Trade Representative.